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Tony and Mary’s Baja Mexico Riviera Adventure

Mary decided to take us on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera to celebrate

my 51st Birthday. We took a cruise that left from our home city, San Diego.

We sail on April 8, 2007

Mary and I went to our favorite restaurant, C-Level 2 weeks before

our cruise to watch the Carnival Spirit sail without us. Here are the pictures of her leaving.

Click here – large file have patience.

Spirit Itinerary

Mexican Riviera7 Day Exotic Mexican Riviera

Port of Call
Arrive Depart
San Diego
Fun Day At Sea
Cabo San Lucas
9:00am 5:00pm
8:00am 6:00pm
La Paz
8:00am 10:00pm
Fun Day At Sea
Fun Day At Sea
San Diego
Day 1

We made it to vacation! Today is a gloomy day. This is the perfect day to leave San Diego for the sunny Baja Riviera. We had a car pick us up at 11:00, got to pier at 11:30, boarded at 12:00 and we were officially on our cruise.

Our stateroom isn’t ready yet so we did our favorite onboard activity – people watching. We watched the feeding frenzy begin. I am off to a great start. Mary took a look around and returned with a plate of awesome French fries. A little while later I went to the grill and ordered a couple of veggie burgers. Of course they are frozen so I had to wait. While I waited I ate a whole plate of French fries by myself.

We were able to get into our stateroom at 1:30. This is a huge room. The room is called an aft-wrap. It is at the back of the ship on a corner. There are 10 of them on the ship.  The room has a long hallway with a desk, and then you enter the sitting area. Around the corner is a hallway to the separate bedroom. There is another room with a vanity that you can get to from the bedroom or the sitting area. The bathroom is big with a whirlpool tub. The deck runs from the back and then curves around the side. It is about 35 feet wide. Here are some pictures.

After the mandatory lifeboat drill we went to the fantail deck for a party with friends that I met online on CruiseCritic. It was nice getting talk to them in person.

We sailed at 6:30 and Mary and I had champagne on the deck as we watched San Diego shrink in the distance. It will be nice to find some warmer weather.

We went to dinner and have been assigned a table for 8. Three of the couples (hooray – No kids) are from San Diego and the other is from British Columbia. We had a great time. I managed to make the woman from Canada so comfortable that she was talking and let loose with the f-word. It was too funny, she couldn’t believe that she did that.

I put Mary to bed and went see the show. It was the typical cruise director talk with the lovely dancers. I made it back to the room at about 12:00. I was also able to stay away from my usual midnight fries and ice cream visit.

Day 2

Today is what Carnival calls “A Fun Day at Sea” – Mary and I did as little as possible. We had the required 1st breakfast and 2nd breakfast. I had my pre-lunch nap. We walked the ship a few times then had lunch. This afternoon we attended an Art Auction complete with free champagne. Carnival is the world’s largest Art Auctioneer. There were pieces from $150 to $17,000. We managed to leave without buying anything. After the auction we headed back to the cabin for the second naptime.

Tonight’s dinner was a formal night. It was the second time this year that I had to wear a tie and put on hard shoes. We have to turn the clocks ahead 1 hour tonight to match Cabo. We have to be ready to board the tender boats at 8:30 in the morning to get to shore. It is going to be an early morning.

Day 3

Today started way too early. I got up at 6:30 which was 5:30 yesterday. We only had time for one breakfast today.

We took a tender to Cabo. We took the Cabo by Land and Sea tour. We boarded a catamaran to the tip of the peninsula to see Los Arcos. This is an incredible rock formation where the sea has formed a hole in the rock.

Once back on shore we took a bus to old San Jose del Cabo. On the way we stopped at a glass blowing factory. Here one of the artists hand-crafted an angel. The next stop was Cacti Mundo, an ecological cactus garden with over 750 species of cactus. We then stopped at a cliff-top restaurant overlooking Cabo.

After the tour we were dropped off in town. We headed over to Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo. We ordered 2 margaritas and enjoyed the sites. We ordered tacos and nachos. My margarita was a little weak so in my best Spanish I ordered bigger, better margaritas. Mary (Gringo) picked up on that and refused the grande part of it because it seemed like she got all tequila in the first one. I ended up with a Cadillac margarita and Mary got a blue Cabo Wabo margarita. The food and the margaritas were awesome! We decided to take a pedi-cab back to the ship.

Back on board we had a fun sail away party with neighbors. We all stayed on our own decks and partied together, separately. I enjoyed a Cuban cigar that I picked up in Cabo.

After the sail away party I took a serious nap. I don’t know why I was so tired. We decided to have dinner up on the Lido deck instead of the dining room. We headed back to the cabin and had a fairly early night.

Here are today’s pictures

Day 4

Today‘s port is Mazatlan. Once again I only had a chance to have one breakfast.

This morning we met our Tour Guide, Milton. Milton is a very interesting person; he was a professional soccer player, and a guide. He also does geological tours for UCLA and conduct bird-watchig tours. This tour is called Tequila, Saddles, and Sandals. He warned us that because of a dirt road we had to take a old bus. He said that the A/C worked very well so not to worry. Well, on the way the A/C broke. Milton told us that we would have to use natural A/C and open the windows. At the tequila factory we were shown how the process works. We then were treated to a tasting. Once again, here it is 10:30 and I am drinking tequila. Our next stop was La Noria, a small town. We visited a local colonial home where we were treated to a snack of local farmer’s cheese, freshly-made tortillas, salsa, and the best guacamole.

We then went to the ‘Golden Zone’ which is a bunch of jewelry stores with barkers out front trying to get you in there. As we sailed away we saw that there appears to be much more to this ‘zone’ – I think we were dumped in a tourist trap. From the sea we could see some nice looking resorts.

Our next stop was at a nice seaside restaurant. Here they made Mary and I quesadillas, rice, and bean soup since we are fish-eating vegetarians. The rest of the group had some great looking chicken and ribs. Milton, who is very proud of his city decided to do a tour of the city on the way back to the ship. There appears to be a law here that makes the tour operator drop people off in the middle of a Farmer’s Market. You are forced to walk through the market to get to the pier.

Here are today’s pictures.

Day 5

Today’s port is La Paz. La Paz is Baja’s second largest city south of Tijuana. We arrived at the port around 8:00 A.M. and we do not leave until 10:00 P.M. I was able to watch them position the ship and tie it up (one of my favorite things to do on our deck). The port is 30 miles from town so you have to take a shuttle bus in. We are taking a tour and the bus does not leave until 1:00 P.M. so we have plenty of leisure time.

Our tour is called Historical La Paz City. This tour visited a museum, a Cathedral, and a ‘beautiful’ beach. Our tour guide is Rodrigo, a marine biologist. He was very informative. Our last stop was at a crappy little restaurant on the Sea of Cortez. To me, La Paz is just another Mexican city. There was nothing special, nothing to lure me back.

Back on the ship we headed down to dinner and then watch the process of launching the ship out of the narrow bay.

Here are today’s pictures.

Day 6

Today is the first of two fun days at sea. We slept in and then headed up to lunch. A large part of the fun for us is people watching. This morning at breakfast I watched this lady with about a pound of sausage and bacon pour a ton of salt on it. I would never have thought that anyone would find that their bacon was not salty enough.

We spent most of the day in the cabin, on the deck, or sitting in a lounge reading our books. We did make it to the art auction. I purchased 2 pieces of the Kool Kat collection. I will set up a link to them when I get home.

We stopped by the Photo Gallery to check for our photos. They have photographers all around taking your picture at dinner and every time that you get off the ship. We could never find ours. We found some with Mary in them but they always had a fat, brown, grey, old fart sitting next to her. I can’t figure out why I wasn’t in any of them…

Day 7

I can’t imagine a lazier day than today. We basically did nothing. I finished my book, Sidney Portier’s A Measure of a Man a good, easy-reading book. We ate, we napped, we ate, we read, we had one last meal with our new dinner friends. We packed up our luggage and put them out in the hall.

Tomorrow morning we get one last 1st breakfast and then head of the ship. A car is picking us up and the party is over. Hopefully the cats will be glad to see us.

Towel Animals

Almost every night Maynard, or room steward, builds a Towel Animal for us. I put together a page here.

Tony’s Rant

SPAM! I hate it! I have had 2 of my email addresses for over 12 years and they must be on every SPAM list. I have a triple SPAM filter at work so that my remote mail is manageable. My home mail is through Roadrunner and all of my filters run on my notebook. I am receiving about 700 pieces of crap a day. At $.40 a minute I am unable to check my personal mail. They have a web-based mail reader but trying to go through 2,500 pieces of junk 20 pieces per screen at 40 cents a minute does not add up. What happened is that I met my 10 MB mail limit and now my mailbox is full.


10/14/07 – I was just setting our blog up for an upcoming cruise and realized that I never finished this blog. We arrived home just fine. The cats were glad to have us back. The day after we got home my Mom became very ill and died the next day. I am thankful that she waited for me to come back even if she didn’t know it. Alzheimer’s sucks!

Me and my Mom

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