Copenhagen, Denmark

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today is Mary’s 50th Birthday! This had to be the best day that Copenhagen has ever had. It was about 80 degrees today. All the locals were laying out in the sun today. Copenhagen is a very nice, clean city.

We took a canal boat tour which passes by the cities highlights. There are some beautiful parks here. We went to the Queen’s palace which is right on the water.

Copenhagen 2

Mary wanted to try some local food for lunch. We went to a cafe and after she looked at the menu she decided that her birthday lunch was going to be pizza. She decided that she was not that adventurous.

It was nice to get back to the ship and air conditioning. We needed to rest up and get ready for Berlin tomorrow.

Copenhagen 3

Copenhagen 4

Copenhagen 4

For some reason this statue caught my attention.


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