Day 1 – San Diego to San Luis Obispo

We decided to take the train to Paso instead of driving up. It costs about the same as driving without the wear and tear on my body. We will rent a car in San Luis Obispo and drive it home.

The train ride was great. We went with the business class. We shared a 4 person seat with a Mom and her Son. He is going to UC Santa Barbara and they were going up for orientation. We had a great time.

The train follows the coastline for much of the trip. At times it sails along right on the beach! This is a very relaxing way to start a vacation.

I was able to catch up on podcasts, TV shows, and eBooks on my MacBook.

In San Luis Obispo we stayed at the Embassy Suites. We called and a driver came to the train station and picked us up. We tried to give him a tip but he refused. Wow!

We had dinner in the Green house Grill & Cafe at the hotel. What a treat! We expected just regular hotel food and drink. We got a great bottle of Tobin James Zinfandel. They had the very best garlic hummus and grilled pita bread. Mary had a perfect caprese salad and I had a salad with Stilton and Brie cheese with apples and cranberries. There was a cheese croquette the size of a huge meatball. The croquette had Stilton, Brie, and cranberries in it. It was an incredible meal. The server, Howard was the best. We really did not expect this level of excellence. What a great start to our vacation!

We are in a very nice 2-room suite. We pick up our rental car in the morning and start our quest.

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